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Your Guide to Understanding Household Employer Paperwork in 2024

Why CPAs Should Engage Clients on Caregiving Needs

Paid 'Under the Table' - Can I Still Receive Social Security?

Managing Household Payroll: A CPA’s Guide to Navigating Your Clients’ Nanny Taxes

Labor Rules Roundup: June, 2024

Unintended Consequences of Off-the-Books Payments: A Client's Story

Nanny Shares- What You Need to Know to Be Successful

How Paid Holidays Can Impact Overtime Pay

The Six-Factor Worker Classification Shakeup: What the DOL's New Rule Means for Your Clients

Let’s Give it a Try – What You Need to Know About Trial Periods

Tips to Successfully Onboard Your Household Employee

Our Nanny is Leaving, What Now?

Why Paying Half Off the Books is Never a Good Idea

Hiring Your First Nanny: Tips for a Perfect Fit

Negotiate a Great Nanny Compensation Package

How Does The IRS Find Out About Under-Reported Income?

Why Nanny Work Agreements Are So Important!

Does it Matter What Type of Bonus I Give My Nanny or Other Household Employee?

Unlocking Tax Savings with Employee Benefits: The Power of QSEHRA/ICHRA for Your Household Employee

2024 Household Employment Changes

Bad Weather is Easy to Navigate With a Good Work Agreement

Minimum Wage Increases Coming in January 2024

Do I Have to Pay My Nanny, Senior Caregiver, or Other Household Employee Overtime?

Is Your Employee’s Healthcare Plan ACA Compliant?

FLSA - Compensation Rules Live-In vs. Live-Out Caregivers

Understanding FLSA Hours Worked for Domestic Workers

Understanding FLSA Exempt Tests: Why Household Employees Are Almost Exclusively Non-Exempt Workers

The Fair Labor Standards Act: A Glimpse into the Journey of Domestic Workers

Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts as Employers of Caregivers

Stipends vs. Reimbursements- What’s the Difference

Newborn Care Specialist: Employee or Independent Contractor

The Role of a CPA in Nanny and Senior Caregiver Hiring

Moving? Don’t Forget That Nanny Taxes Need to Move with You!

$500 Could Mean the World When You Need It- The Benefits of Legal Pay

An Ode to the Chosen Few

Payroll in Arrears

What To Do If Your Caregiver Quits

Co-parenting with a Nanny/Nanny Share for divorced parents

Nanny Share: How to Make It Work for Your Family

Payroll Recordkeeping Requirements for Employers

Divorce or Separation: How to Claim a Child as a Dependent on Taxes

Minimum Wage Increases Coming in July 2023

Are Your Nanny or Caregiver’s Wages Considered a Business Expense?

Case Study: Senior Caregiver Injured on the Job

Resume Building: Tips on Crafting a Standout Nanny Resume

What is the ABC Test?

The Dangers of Underreporting Wages

A Case Study About Take Home Pay

When Your Nanny Needs to Provide Transportation for Your Children

What to Do When Your Caregiver or Nanny Calls in Sick

Are Your Weekends Giving Your Nanny a Case of the Mondays?

HomeWork Solutions Celebrates 30 years!

Weather Emergencies and Backup Childcare Plans

Paying Estimated taxes if your employer does not withhold income taxes

2023 Household Employment Coming Changes

Household Employees and Workers Compensation Case Study

Why Paying Your Household Employee Under the Table is a Bad Idea

Holiday Book List

What You Need To Know About Year-End Bonuses

Paying Your Nanny $800 Take Home Weekly: A Case Study

Paystubs for Your Caregiver or Nanny

ROTA Nannies and Live-In Positions

Under the Table Wage Payments Surface with Unemployment Claim- Case Study

1099ing A Nanny - Case Study

Your Parents Need Help, but Aren’t Ready to Move to an Assisted Living Facility

HWS Core Values

Terminations and Resignations: Tips for Parting Ways

Is Your New Hire an Employee or Independent Contractor

Background Checks and Reference Checking

Raise And Review Time Is A Good Time To Get On The Books

Parental Leave for Household Employees

Dependent Care Child Tax Credit

The Value of a Nanny Agency

Bereavement Leave

Minimum Wage Increases Coming in July 2022

IRS Increases Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2022

New Tax Reporting Rule for Mobile Payment Apps

Summer Nanny Taxes

Reasons to Hire a Summer Nanny

Pre-Tax Student Loan Repayment

Minimum Wage Increases Coming in January 2022

2022 Household Employment Coming Changes

Which Type of Specialty Nanny is Right For Your Family?

Open Enrollment Season Starts Nov. 1- Have You Considered an HRA for Your Employee?

Total Compensation (Updated for 2024)

The Importance of Background Screening

Recognizing and Rewarding Your Employees

Hiring a Caregiver for Your Special Needs Loved One

Back to School is Right Around the Corner

What is Unemployment Insurance?

What Costs to Consider Before Hiring a Nanny

How to Prevent Senior Caregiver Burnout

What Expenses Can Be Reimbursed When Hiring a New Employee?

Ways to Care for Yourself While Caring for Others

Using Your Tax Credit to Pay Your Nanny

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents about Hiring a Caregiver

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Household Employee

Reasons to Hire a Qualified In-Home Senior Caregiver

What Benefits Should I Offer My Nanny?

Do I Need to Pay Taxes for My Summer Nanny?

Planning Tips  for Summer Childcare Help

Reasons to Hire a Summer Nanny

New W4 for 2021: What You Need to Know to Get it Done Right

Reference Checks & Background Screening: Should You Do Both?

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Long-Term Nanny

Should I Outsource My Household Employee's Payroll?

Understanding Domestic Employee Overtime

Top 3 to-do’s After Hiring Your Household Employee

Do I need to pay my nanny when we vacation during Spring Break?

My Nanny Quit – What Do I Do?

The American Rescue Plan Act- What's the Impact?

What to Do if Your Employee Files for Unemployment

Did You Know the ‘Nanny Tax’ Isn’t Just for Nannies?

In-Home Care or Assisted Living: Which One is Right for Your Loved One?

Helping Kids Find Joy Amid Pandemic Restrictions

Why You Should Never Evade Nanny Taxes

How to Help Seniors Cope with the Coronavirus

Why Outsourcing Nanny Payroll and Taxes is Good for Your Clients

2021 Household Employment Coming Changes

It is 2021: Resolve to Make Your Life Easier with an In-Home Employee

Ways to Avoid Domestic Employee Tax Problems

2021 Household Employment Coming Changes

Nanny Holiday Appreciation … Bonus? Paid Time Off?

You’ve Hired an In-Home Employee: What are Your Legal Responsibilities?

Mom Needs Assistance at Home: How Hiring a Senior Caregiver Can Help

Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements- Act Now During Open Enrollment!

"Surprise! We Hired a Nanny."

Use a Dependent Care Account to Help Pay Nanny or Caregiver Expenses

No Time for Nanny Taxes? No Problem.

Benefits of Hiring an Adult Caregiver

Did Your Clients Hire a Nanny This Year?

How Hiring a Nanny Can Take the Load off Grandparents

How Parents and Nannies Can Work Together to Help Kids with Distance Learning

Unemployment Benefits and Taxes: Avoiding a Surprise Tax Bill

Getting Health Insurance Coverage - My Head is Spinning, Where Do I Start?

How to Respond When Your Nanny Goes Above and Beyond

Helping Children with the Emotional Impacts of COVID-19

Update- Payroll Tax Holiday? Not So Fast...

Everything you need to know about Nanny Shares and Learning Pods

Understanding a Nanny Trial Period

Nanny or AuPair: What Are the Differences?

What should you expect from your nanny?

Lost Your Job? Tips on Finding A New Job Quickly

Payroll Tax Holiday-  What's The Impact on Employee Pay?

The Age of Video Interviews: Best Video Interview Practices

Tips for Juggling Work & Childcare During COVID-19

Childcare and Education in the COVID-19 Era

Reducing health risk with in-home senior care

No Summer Camp, Now What?

Create Your Own Summer Camp Experience at Home

How does a nanny file taxes as an independent contractor?

Unemployment Claims for Household Employees During COVID-19

Nanny Letter of Recommendation - A Warm Good-Bye

When Nanny and Parents Share a Workspace

How the CARES Act affects employer-sponsored benefits

CA  Household Employees with COVID-19 Presumed Covered by Workers' Compensation

Virginia Wage Theft Laws Become Worker Friendly

Nanny Returning to Work in the Age of Covid-19

Coronavirus and the Nanny Share

Mom's senior aide is working more hours. How do I calculate overtime?

CPA's Lean on HWS for Household Payroll Support

Attention Fiduciaries: Don’t Forget Household Employment Tax Obligations

CARES ACT changes retirement plan and charitable contribution rules

Unemployment Claims in the COVID-19 Pandemic

My Nanny Filed for Unemployment! What do I do?

Do I have to give my nanny notice of a layoff?

How to Prevent Nanny Poaching

Planning for Summer Childcare

Everything You Need to Know About the Economic Impact Payments Under the CARES ACT

EEOC guidance addresses screening employees for COVID-19

Nannies and Household Employers EXCLUDED from Payroll Protection Program

Employee leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Is Now the Right Time to Put Your Nanny or Caregiver on the Books?

Emergency Nanny Pay When Schools are Closed

Nanny Emergency Income During the Pandemic

Managing your nanny…Are you a good boss?

Old Fashioned Business in a Modern World

Your Nanny and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) | HomeWork Solutions

Tips for Nanny Professional Salary Negotiations

Can my nanny be deducted as a business expense?

Our Value Far Exceeds Our Price - Selling Your Services When Compared to Low- Cost Competitors

It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Best Practices for Leaving Your Nanny Job

Child Car Seat Safety

Massachusetts AuPair Compensation in Limbo

Who Has Time to Be Sick? - Understanding and Administering Legally Required Sick Time

The Business Case for Outsourcing Household Payroll

Protect Yourself from Allegations of Wrongful Household Employment Practices

Are You Available to Work Overnight? - Addressing the 24 Hour Clock in

Should you pay your nanny legally? It's all Fixable and NOT Too Late...

Understanding senior care payroll deductions

Creating your Caregiver Team

Nanny Shares: More Than $10 + $10

Philadelphia Enacts Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

More than a Good Book - Reading with Children

Why not pay my nanny partly on and off the books?

New Tax Advantaged Health Insurance Options for Household Employees

Understanding Unemployment Tax

Household Workers - Employees or Contractors?

Watch Out For These Tax Scams

What a Great Nanny Candidate, Except…

Real Human Beings Are Standing By

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