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Did Your Clients Hire a Nanny This Year?

Posted by Jay Schulze on 10/26/20 10:03 AM
Jay Schulze

Did your clients hire a nanny, private tutor, or senior caregiver this year? Due to work at home orders and government shutdowns of schools and childcare facilities, you should be expecting more “Nanny Tax” issues than ever before. Here’s why you should act now: CPAClient

Save time.           
It’s no secret that tax preparation can get complicated. Knowing that your clients hired a nanny before you get started on their return is critical. This allows you to talk to them about nanny taxes and other tax implications up front, so you don’t have to go back and adjust their returns later.

More convenience for you.                        
HomeWork Solutions can make nanny taxes simple again? Partnering with us means you have a more convenient way to get your clients returns done right. We’ll even be sure your clients don’t miss out on available tax credits like that for paid leave provided under FFCRA.. You’ll have access to our proprietary portal with full visibility of your client’s account so you can get the information you need, when you need it.

Happier clients.
Many families are unaware that hiring a nanny, senior caregiver, or private tutor brings payroll and employment tax obligations. No one likes a surprise tax bill in the spring, so why wait? Help your clients get ahead of their nanny tax issues now, and let HomeWork Solutions do the legwork. Like the tens of thousand of families we have helped nationwide, they’ll thank you later.

We know that your job is difficult, especially during tax season. That’s why we love partnering with CPAs to make their lives easier. It’s simple: we take household payroll and tax preparation off of your plate, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Schedule H, W2s, unemployment filings… even estimated payments. It’s all done!

Don’t wait until January for your clients to spring the nanny tax issue on you. Start the conversation with your clients now, then let us handle the rest. Call today for information on how to get started.

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