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Case Study: Senior Caregiver Injured on the Job

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 6/10/23 10:45 AM

Claire is a senior caregiver that severely twisted her ankle while going down the stairs on the job. She went to urgent care and was told she had a serious sprain and needed time to heal. She would need to stay off her feet as much as possible for the next three weeks. The clerk at the doctor’s office explained that she should file a worker’s compensation claim to ensure the urgent care bills were paid. Claire also learned workers compensation insurance policies also generally cover payments made to employees for lost wages while they are out of work.

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Nannies and Workers Compensation: A Case Study

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 3/8/16 7:00 AM

Did you know that many states have mandated that household employers have a Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policy?

There are various legal requirements for obtaining this insurance which will vary widely from state to state. Most often, the job description is not the defining item. Instead, wages paid or hours worked will be. Even if your state does not require you to have worker's compensation insurance, smart employers obtain this important protection anyway to protect the family's assets and the household employee in the event of a workplace injury.

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10 Tips: Avoid Common Nanny Payroll and Legal Mistakes

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 6/29/11 8:28 AM

When hiring their nanny, most employers believe that they have recruited the perfect caregiver for their child. Most often, they want be fair in their dealing with their nanny, including in the arena of compensation. However, year after year a small suite of common nanny payroll and legal mistakes become very expensive lessons for these nanny employers.

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Update - California Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights

Posted by Kathy Webb on 6/3/11 10:25 AM

California Assembly Bill AB889 passed the assembly in June 1 and now moves to the California Senate for consideration. We previously blogged on this bill last month. In addition to the workplace rules described in the previous blog, HomeWork Solutions has recently learned that household employers will now be required to provide itemized pay stubs with each wage payment. The requirements include:

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Nanny Employers: Do you have Workers Compensation Insurance?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 5/24/11 5:20 PM

Workers' Compensation Insurance protects the employer from liability for medical expenses and lost wages when an employee is injured "on the job." A recent news story concerning a Chicago nanny who was struck by a vehicle while walking her charge brings to light the awesome risk that nanny employers run when they don't obtain state required workers compensation insurance.

Twenty three states require that household (nanny) employers maintain Workers' Compensation Insurance policies. Commercial insurers are a good place to start, as this is business or commercial insurance. GEICO and USAA do not offer business insurance. Bear in mind that the broker/agent who helps you secure a policy will generally require you to have other insurance such as homeowners, renters or automobile insurance with them to issue the workers' compensation policy. Where the insurance is legally mandated, a state fund exists as the provider of last resort. This is typically the most expensive method of obtaining coverage, as the fund must insure all applicants, regardless of risk.

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Paying Your Nanny on the Books - Nanny Tax Compliance

Posted by Kathleen Webb on 12/30/10 9:51 AM

There is an excellent article on the Washington State Workers Compensation Insurance Blog that outlines the dangers of not paying the nanny taxes, and the potential benefits to the employer for nanny tax compliance. Quoted is one of HomeWork Solutions' favorite go-to industry experts, attorney Bob King of Legally Nanny.

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