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Our Nanny is Leaving, What Now?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 4/23/24 3:41 PM
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Our Nanny is Leaving, What Now?


When your nanny decides to leave, whether the parting is mutual or unexpected, it can be an emotional and complicated time for everyone involved. Here are some important steps to consider to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain a positive relationship through the change:

  1. Final Nanny Paycheck
    Regardless of the circumstances, it’s crucial to ensure your nanny receives their final paycheck promptly. This includes all unpaid hours up to their last day of work. Different states have specific laws about how soon a final paycheck must be issued, and if accrued paid time off needs to be paid out at the time of termination. These laws can also vary depending on whether the nanny decides to leave or is let go. It’s important to handle this process with fairness and respect to uphold a good relationship to the end.
  2. Return of Family Property
    Nannies often have in their possession items like house keys, car seats, or a credit card for family expenses. Arranging a respectful exchange of these items when you give the final paycheck can ease the transition. It’s important to remember that withholding a final paycheck to ensure the return of property is not legally permitted. A straightforward approach based on mutual respect works best.
  3. Notification to Schools
    If your nanny is listed as an authorized person for school pickups, notify the school that they will no longer be picking up your child. Providing a written notice helps ensure there’s no confusion when designating a new authorized person.
  4. Security Updates
    As a precaution, update any home security codes or digital access controls your nanny may have used. This is a standard step in maintaining your family’s security and privacy after anyone who has access no longer requires it.
  5. Communication with Your Payroll Service
    If you have automated payroll processes in place, remember to update them when your nanny leaves. This avoids any accidental payments after their departure and ensures your accounts are in order. This also keeps employment records tidy, should they be needed for insurance or unemployment claims.
  6. Nanny Unemployment Claim
    In some cases, a nanny may file for unemployment following their departure. Stay informed and responsive to any inquiries from the unemployment office. The unemployment office will work to determine if unemployment benefits should be paid out, depending on the nature of the separation. When requested, it’s crucial to clarify if the resignation was voluntary, if the employee was terminated, or if there were extenuating circumstances for the departure.

The end of a nanny’s employment is a significant change and handling these steps thoughtfully can help maintain a positive final impression for both you and your nanny. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the valuable role they played in your family’s life and to part ways with gratitude and respect.

HomeWork Solutions is here to help you navigate employment transitions. Give us a call today 1-800-626-4829 if you have questions about how to navigate a nanny’s departure, or how to onboard your next employee.

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