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How to Talk to Your Aging Parents about Hiring a Caregiver

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 6/22/21 10:00 AM
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Talking to your aging parents, a caregiver, can be a difficult and sometimes awkward conversation. Many elderly adults feel they are losing their independence or sense of freedom when told they need help, which sometimes causes them to be defensive or stubborn in refusing aid. Talking to your loved one about hiring a caregiver may be difficult at first, but it is often received better if coming from a place of love and empathy.

Here are some tips on how to talk to your aging parents about hiring a caregiver.


#1: Keep communication open.
If you foresee your parent needing caregiver help, have the conversation early rather than right when a crisis happens. That way, you can both discuss the topic calmly, and you won’t need to rush to find a caregiver. You will instead be able to determine what type of caregiver would be best when the time comes. For example, will your mother want to stay at home as she ages? What if your father needs someone to oversee administering his medication every day? Planning will allow you to hear what your parents want out of the situation, then find a way to help accommodate their wishes based on their physical limitations.

#2: Be flexible.
At first, you might want to hire a caregiver on a trial basis to help with different duties like laundry, transportation, errands, and meal preparation. Or maybe your parent needs full-time help right from the get-go. Just keep in mind whatever arrangement you come up with at first may change as your parent’s needs change or increase. Be flexible and make sure the caregiver you hire understands this is a new process for both you and your loved one.

#3: Know your loved one’s financial situation.
Elderly care can get expensive, so it’s essential to have a firm grasp on how you or your loved one will pay for a caregiver. Will you rely on savings? Long-term care insurance? Or are your parent eligible for other benefits like Medicaid or veterans benefits? It is imperative to have the financial arrangements sorted out before you begin your search for a caregiver. Talk to a financial planning professional if needed.

#4: Discuss with other family members.
Do you have siblings or other family members involved in your decision to hire a senior caregiver? It is essential to try to get everyone on the same page regarding this decision. No matter what, try to focus on what’s best for your parents, rather than discussing different things that could potentially stir up conflict or slow down the process of finding a qualified caregiver. A compassionate, trained caregiver will ensure your parents are secure and safe.

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