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Create Your Own Summer Camp Experience at Home

Posted by HWS Guest on 6/25/20 12:27 PM
Create a Summer Camp Experience at Home!

The upcoming summer is going to be a lot different than summers of the past for both parents and kids. Sadly, this year many day camps and sleep away camps are closed, leaving parents and nannies scrambling for ways to keep their kids happy and engaged in something besides screen time.

HomeWork Solutions has come across an innovative idea to help.

The DIY Nanny Adventure Camp newsletter, created Sarah Salisbury and Heidi Joline, and brought to market by 30 year career nanny and well known content creator Lora Brawley, provides parents and caregivers with a detailed framework for creating their own camp experience at home. Subscribers receive a supplies list for easy shopping, weekly themes that are ready to go straight out of the inbox, and a variety of theme-related activities they can customize to meet the unique needs of their kids. (Don’t worry, the newsletter will tell you how to do that.)

Why do families love the newsletter?

For many families COVID-19 has been a major disruptor in their children’s lives – from schools and preschools closed to even prolonged absences of their beloved nannies to parents trying to work from home without neglecting the children – engaging solutions are few and far between. Families find that the DIY Nanny Adventure Camp newsletter saves time and energy – theirs and their nanny’s - because all the work of researching and developing activities is done for you.  There are multiple activity options each week so subscribers can do them all and fill each day or they can pick and choose the ones that are most attractive to them.

The DIY Nanny Adventure Camp  features easy-to-use modifications based on space and the ages, abilities, and interests of the kids participating.  One-size-does-not-fit-all so they give subscribers the details they need to customize the activities to fit their family’s unique needs and preferences.

The newsletter supports working with multiple ages so all kids can participate together.  One of the pluses of the DIY Nanny Adventure Camp is that it fosters sibling relationships through shared experiences. Siblings that are years apart can have fun together while still doing activities that fit their age and interests.

It all comes from two nanny experts with over 30 years of combined experience creating kid-centric, engaging curriculum. Subscribers benefit from their expertise and know-how when it comes to creating a fun, in-home environment that has learning built-in. The DIY Nanny Adventure Camp is a true nanny hack.

A newsletter subscription is available for individual months (June, July, and August) and for the full summer. No matter when you subscribe, you’ll get all the past issues for that subscription (subscribe in mid-June and you’ll receive all of June’s newsletters). Get all the details and sign up at www.DIYNannyCamp.com

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