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How Hiring a Nanny Can Take the Load off Grandparents

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 10/20/20 7:00 AM
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Portrait of an extended family with their pet dog sitting at the park-1You have just welcomed a child into your family and amid all of the sleepless nights and new routines, joy and love abound. You are in awe of your precious baby and want only the best for your little one. Heading back to work once maternity or paternity leave is over means you will need a childcare plan in place.

Many families choose to leave their kids with grandparents, either full time or part time. They do this for many reasons: finances, convenience, and the desire for their kids to be connected to their grandparents. This works well for many families around the world. But, for others, grandparents only want to be grandparents and not babysitters, too. For others who are on the fence between hiring granny or a nanny, here are some reasons why hiring nanny services can be beneficial.

#1: Raising kids has changed.

Raising children in today’s day in age is unlike any other time in history. Changing technologies, pressures from work, and having to adjust day to day due to living during a pandemic brings added stresses to parents. Grandparents raised their children in a completely different time, which may cause conflict in your approaches in raising your own children. Using the services of a nanny is easier in many ways because the nanny has been trained to work in today’s current work environment. She has recent relevant work experience with kids and families of all kinds.

#2: Working with family can get complicated.

No matter how close your relationship is with your parents, working with family can sometimes bring complications. Whether it is disagreeing about your parenting style or struggling with creating boundaries, having grandparents serve as childcare providers in your absence can pose difficulties sometimes. On the other hand, hiring a nanny can be easier in many ways. Hiring a nanny and crafting a written work agreement at that time will help minimize miscommunication and outline things that may come up during her employment.

If you do have grandparents watch your children while you are at work, it is important to remember that they are not nannies. Because they are family, the dynamic is unlike any other childcare option. Despite challenges that can arise from grandparents taking on the role of childcare provider, many grandparents love doing this and would never want it any other way. But, for other families, parents want to give the grandparents time to relax and enjoy their years of retirement, not burden them with taking on the job of helping raise a child again. For these people, nannies are the best option and having a child form a relationship with this person is a gift.

Once you have found a qualified nanny to work in your home, you will need to ensure payroll and taxes are paid accurately and legally. Our qualified team at HomeWork Solutions can help with that! Contact us today for more information.

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