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Co-parenting with a Nanny/Nanny Share for divorced parents

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 7/11/23 11:11 AM
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Divorce is challenging for everybody involved, but it can be especially difficult for kids. After the papers are signed and parents move out of the same living space, establishing a plan for childcare can get complicated. Keeping the kids and their feelings at the front and center should be the priority during this transition. No matter how young or old they are, a divorce can feel like a loss to them. Co-parenting will take some flexibility and patience, but there are some ways to make things easier. Here’s some tips to keep in mind:  

#1: Unite.

Even though you may not be married anymore, staying united as parents is very important. You will need to work together as best as possible. Discuss what co-parenting will look like in as much detail as you can, so there is no confusion or mixed messages about expectations and rules for your children. Put everything in writing if it helps hold both parties accountable.

#2: Hire an extra set of hands.

Nannies provide children with extra love and attention in your absence. Hiring an experienced and compassionate nanny or using a nanny share could be beneficial for your children. If hiring a nanny isn’t an option for your family financially, a nanny share is another great alternative. A nanny share is simple: one nanny shares her childcare duties with 2 or more families. For example, perhaps another parent who has gone through a divorce could benefit from sharing a nanny with you. The nanny will provide childcare services for both families in one designated home, and the families split the cost. This makes it more affordable, but still offers the benefit of having a private nanny to care for your children.

#3: Keep communication open.

Children who have been through a divorce have experienced a life-changing situation that can sometimes be traumatic. For this reason, it’s very important to focus on keeping communication open with them all the time. Talk to them about what they’re feeling and ask them how you can make it easier on them. Reassure them that their questions and opinions are valuable. This helps them feel validated and establishes a greater sense of trust with you as parents.

Co-parenting after divorce will require extra work. Juggling new routines, introducing new living situations, and committing to extra communication are key to-dos that will make your new life successful with your children. If you’ve recently hired a nanny to help out with your kids while you work or transition into a new life as a single parent, we can help! Our team can manage payroll and taxes, so you don’t have to. Contact us today for information!

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