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"Surprise! We Hired a Nanny."

Posted by Jay Schulze on 11/17/20 10:28 AM
Jay Schulze

Legal MeetingThe 2020 tax season approaches and more of your clients are hiring nannies and caregivers than ever before. Night nurses for newborns, senior caregivers for mom or dad, and now private educators for students doing school remotely- all present “nanny tax” issues for you and your clients.

HomeWork Solutions understands that household employment taxes may be a nuisance, and that keeping your clients apprised of all the paid leave, recordkeeping, and employment laws that apply can seem overwhelming. That is why we have spent nearly 30 years helping CPAs and their clients get household payroll and taxes done right and with little effort on your part.

We make it simple.                   
We simplify everything for you, flawlessly handling all aspects of household payroll and taxes. Paystubs, unemployment filings, W2s, Schedule H, and even employment tax payments, are all handled by the HomeWork Solutions team. All you need to do is access the completed documents at year-end for use in completing your client’s 1040.

It is important to note that partnering with us doesn’t mean you are giving up quality or service for your clients, either. In fact, HomeWork Solutions makes things easier and even more reliable. We ensure your clients are aware of tax breaks too often overlooked in household employment, while keeping them compliant with increasingly detailed employment and paid leave laws. Partnering with HomeWork Solutions gives you the following benefits:

  • A dedicated representative who will answer any questions or issues that come up for your clients

  • Visibility of your clients’ accounts through the HomeWork Solutions portal

  • Flexible solutions that allows you to service your clients with a high attention to detail and a service guarantee

You won’t need to worry about lifting a finger for your client’s nanny taxes. We will take care of everything so you can focus on the rest of your client’s return. Contact us today at 1-800-626-4829 to learn more about how our team of experienced tax specialists can help lighten your workload and make your job easier.

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