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Simplifying Senior Home Care Hiring: Costs and Considerations

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 6/25/24 1:45 PM
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Simplifying Senior Home Care Hiring: Costs and Considerations


Caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming, especially when balancing work and other responsibilities. More families are exploring the option of privately hiring senior home care to ensure their loved ones can age in place safely and happily. You might wonder what to consider when hiring senior home care assistance. Let's break down the costs and options for in-home senior care.

Costs for In-Home Senior Care

Finding a trustworthy caregiver can be a daunting process with seemingly similar options on the surface. There are three general staffing and pricing models for in-home senior care, each with its nuances:

Agency Caregivers

Hiring a caregiver through a senior care employment agency means the caregiver is an employee of the agency. The agency manages payroll, taxes, insurance, and scheduling. Expect to pay between $20 - $35 per hour, though rates vary significantly by location. This fee covers the caregiver's wage, the agency's employment taxes, care coordination overhead, workers' compensation, and bonding insurance.

Registry Caregivers

Registry caregivers are recruited and scheduled by a private senior registry service but are paid directly by the family. The cost ranges from $18 - $25 per hour, divided between the caregiver's wage and the registry fee. Families may also engage the registry to handle payroll, typically incurring an additional hourly or daily fee.

As the employer, you must ensure tax and workers' compensation insurance responsibilities are met. Some registries claim to handle payroll but may not pay the caregiver's employment taxes, leaving the family legally responsible. In most states, hiring families must be informed of these responsibilities. Household payroll taxes will add approximately $2 - $3 per hour to your costs.

Generally, the registry fee covers care coordination but not workers' compensation, bonding insurance, or payroll taxes.

Private Hiring - Going It Alone

This care solution is the most economical option but requires hiring, scheduling, and record-keeping effort from the family. Expect to pay $15 - $22 per hour, plus the costs of payroll taxes and insurance. Despite the additional responsibilities, hiring privately can be about 20% cheaper than using an agency. Importantly, caregivers often earn about 20% more in this arrangement, positively impacting worker satisfaction and reducing turnover.

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