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How to Hire a Nanny Safely

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 12/27/16 7:22 AM

Finding a nanny to watch your children is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make as a parent and there are truly some wonderful nannies out there searching for a job. Once you have put out a job notice and have started narrowing down your candidates, you’ve crossed the first hurdle. Next, you’ll need to spend some time getting to know the candidate and doing some in-depth research on each person.

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Hiring a Bilingual Nanny

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 10/25/16 8:00 AM
If you’re just beginning the search of hiring a new nanny to join your family, you likely have a list of requirements that you want fulfilled and hiring a bilingual nanny may be something high on your priority list. Instilling a love for a variety of cultural traditions and languages is important to many families and if you’re thinking of hiring a bilingual nanny to join your family, here is some basic information on how to go about this process.
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Do This, Not That: Hiring Your First Nanny

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 4/2/15 1:30 PM

Hiring a nanny for the first time can be a harrowing experience. Before you introduce a new nanny to your children and invite them into your home, you want to be 100% confident that they are the perfect fit for your family. Save yourself the frustration of hiring the wrong nanny by avoiding these common missteps.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Nanny

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 12/9/14 9:14 AM

New parents often envision that hiring a nanny will be the magic bullet that solves their childcare challenges. Hiring the nanny itself, however, is an activity fraught with worry, stress, and the fear of actually hiring the wrong nanny. Here we offer parents a short list of common mistakes families make when hiring a nanny, and tips to avoid them. Let HWS help you make your experience hiring a nanny simpler and worry free.

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