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Hiring a Bilingual Nanny

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 10/25/16 8:00 AM
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If you’re just beginning the search of hiring a new nanny to join your family, you likely have a list of requirements that you want fulfilled and hiring a bilingual nanny may be something high on your priority list. Instilling a love for a variety of cultural traditions and languages is important to many families and if you’re thinking of hiring a bilingual nanny to join your family, here is some basic information on how to go about this process.

#1: Hiring a nanny that is fluent in another language can give your children exposure to different cultures, traditions, foods, and will also allow them the opportunity to be immersed in another language. A nanny that has the ability to speak two languages can definitely be a benefit, but if the person speaks English as a second language, communication can sometimes be difficult. Be patient, encourage dialogue with the nanny so she feels comfortable, and don’t forget about using written communication as well to talk about important things that are happening in the house.

#2: A nanny that helps teach your kids a second language can be incredibly beneficial to bolstering your child’s academic performance. When it comes to scoring well on tests, children that have learned two languages are often farther along in cognitive development. However, every child is different and some children—especially toddlers, may have a hard time learning two languages, meaning that they will be slower to develop strong language skills. So, do your research, interview a variety of bilingual nannies, and decide if there will be either positive or negative impacts of making the transition to hiring a bilingual nanny.

#3: By instilling a love for culture and language at an early age, your children are given the opportunity to think globally from a young age. This means that they will know and understand that the world consists of many different types of people and cultures and that every one of them is worthy of learning more about.

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