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Help for Moms in the Middle

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 10/8/15 2:30 PM


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Managing Trustee Risks with Privately Employed Caregivers

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 9/23/14 5:34 PM

Do you hire, manage and issue payroll to a beneficiary’s caregiver(s) in your capacity as a trustee? If so it is important to understand the legal and tax obligations this type of employment creates for both the trust and you personally.

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Topics: Special Needs Trust, caregiver payroll, worker misclassification, household payroll, workers compensation household employees

5 Top Mistakes of Household Employers

Posted by Mary Crowe, FPC on 5/22/14 8:42 AM

I am the youngest of six and learned many lessons of ‘what not to do’ from watching my siblings. I observed to the owners of HWS the other day, after taking a client call, that we fix the same problems over and over for different clients. Knowledge is power even when the knowledge comes from seeing the mistakes of others.

I want to share with you my top 5 mistakes your ‘employer’ siblings have done before you so that you can learn ‘what not to do’.
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Tax Tidbit: Filing the Correct Tax Forms for a Household Employee

Posted by Kathleen Webb on 3/18/14 7:00 AM

Regardless of whether your household employee is full time or part time, employers are required to pay employment taxes if the employee is paid $1900 or more per year (in 2014).

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Household Employee Wage Threshold Rises to $1900 in 2014

Posted by Kathleen Webb on 2/11/14 11:10 AM

In 2014, the Household Employee Wage threshold increased to $1900. This means that any household employee- such as a nanny, housekeeper or elder care worker- earning $1900 or more per year requires their employer to pay what is commonly referred to as the "nanny tax."

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Easy Ways to Finance A Nanny

Posted by Vanessa Vidal, FPC on 1/3/14 7:47 AM

Many household employers are only now beginning to seriously consider the costs and risks related to paying nannies and other household workers “on the books.” In fact, complaince rates hover around 20%. More families are recognizing the merits of filing as employers, and helping household workers with required withholding and tax payment. While filing and paying taxes on household employees brings with it additional costs and paperwork, it also avoids stiff penalties if you are audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

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New Jersey Household Payroll Update for 2014

Posted by Kathleen Webb on 12/26/13 2:51 PM

New Jersey has several new employment related laws that go into effect on January 1, 2014.

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HomeWork Solutions Celebrates the Holiday of Giving Thanks

Posted by Vanessa Vidal, FPC on 11/26/13 6:30 PM

This year, we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.  We are grateful to all of you – the clients who have placed their trust in HomeWork Solutions over the last two decades, our referral agency partners and colleagues who confidently refer our services to their clients, and we are of course grateful to our wonderful staff, the team that provides service with a smile! This milestone anniversary achievement belongs to all of us, as it is only in working together and constantly striving to not just meet but to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners that we are all successful.

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Important Nanny Tax Threshold Increasing for 2014

Posted by Kathleen Webb on 11/18/13 4:06 PM

Congress tackled the "Nanny Taxes" in 1995 to streamline reporting on the family's personal income tax returns* and to establish a threshold level of wages that a family has to pay before triggering 'nanny tax' obligations.

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Tax Filing Update - Same Sex Marriages

Posted by Kathleen Webb on 10/31/13 12:39 PM

Several months ago we blogged about the US Supreme Court's findings on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and how this impacts household employers or household employees in a valid same-sex marriage.

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