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How Can I Track My Child's Day with the Nanny?

Posted by Kathy Webb on 3/26/12 8:17 AM

We recently posted some advice on how to choose a quality nanny referral agency. We work with agency partners nationwide to help their clients and referred private service professionals alike understand the mechanics of household payroll. Nannies from the Heartland Inc. is a well respected household staffing agency in Minneapolis, MN. Becky Kavanagh, an experienced placement counselor (with 22 years of nanny experience!) shares some of her thoughts on how parents can stay connected to their child's day.

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3 Top Issues in a Nanny Share

Posted by Kathy Webb on 9/18/11 8:34 AM

We have recently been discussing the increased popularity of nanny sharing - two families hiring one nanny to care for both children. Today we will explore the top three Sticky wickets in a nanny share arrangement.

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Topics: nanny share, nanny employment practices, nanny work agreement

Best Practices for Setting Up a Nanny Share Arrangement

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 9/12/11 8:08 AM
We recently blogged about how many families are turning to nanny sharing arrangements - sometimes called Share Care - to reduce and manage their infant day care expenses. How does a family go about getting a nanny share going?

HomeWork Solutions recommends the following best practices:

  • Both families should interview potential nannies together if possible. If Family A already has a nanny and family and nanny mutually decide a share is in their best interests, Family B should have an opportunity to independently interview both Family A and the nanny. Don't forget the all important reference checks and criminal background check.

  • Write down the details. This should be a three way document between both families and the nanny and it should detail the possible issues above - hours, wages, benefits, taxes, sick care policies, vacation, nanny sick days and the notice provision for ending the share by either party.

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Nanny Sharing Helps Families with Childcare Costs

Posted by Kathy Webb on 9/6/11 8:05 AM

Did you know that a family in DC will spend an average of $18,200 per year on child care? According to the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) recent study, many families pay more for a year of early child care than they would pay for a year's tuition at a public university!

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Is a Nanny Share a Good Option?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 3/13/11 9:41 AM

Infant day care slots are in short supply, and when available they are very expensive. Here in greater Washington DC it is common to pay $2000 a month or more for infant day care.

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