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Best Practices for Setting Up a Nanny Share Arrangement

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 9/12/11 8:08 AM
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Nanny share agreementWe recently blogged about how many families are turning to nanny sharing arrangements - sometimes called Share Care - to reduce and manage their infant day care expenses. How does a family go about getting a nanny share going?

HomeWork Solutions recommends the following best practices:

  • Both families should interview potential nannies together if possible. If Family A already has a nanny and family and nanny mutually decide a share is in their best interests, Family B should have an opportunity to independently interview both Family A and the nanny. Don't forget the all important reference checks and criminal background check.

  • Write down the details. This should be a three way document between both families and the nanny and it should detail the possible issues above - hours, wages, benefits, taxes, sick care policies, vacation, nanny sick days and the notice provision for ending the share by either party.

  • Have periodic meetings. Issues large and small that you never anticipated will come up and having a regularly scheduled meeting time (once monthly is usually sufficient) gives you the opportunity to bring up any concerns.

  • Deal fairly with expenses. Each family needs to supply it's own diapers, wipes, and baby food. When the children graduate to table food, the non-host family should make a meaningful contribution to the hosting family's pantry. Consider extra car seats, pack and play for napping, or tandem strollers.


Nanny sharing offers very personalized, home-base child care and reduces the per family expense for childcare. Many families find that the nanny share is the answer to managing their infant care expenses.

How to Set Up a Nanny Share [INFOGRAPHIC]


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