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Nanny Pay During Spring Break

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 3/12/19 3:26 PM
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Text placeholderSpring break is a time that many families look forward to each year, as it’s a time to relax and connect with each other, either at home or away on a trip. If you have been planning a getaway with your family this spring break, it is important to understand how it will affect your nanny. If she isn’t going along on the vacation with you, do you still have to pay her and is she guaranteed hours?

What are guaranteed hours?

Guaranteed hours” is a term that refers to a standard industry benefit for nannies. It means if she is still available to work and you choose to not use her services, you are still required to pay her for the regular amount of work hours that she is normally scheduled to work. If the nanny decides not to work, she is not required guaranteed hours, but if the parent says that she isn’t needed because of a vacation, she is still entitled to her wages.

If you plan on taking a spring break vacation and you tell your nanny that she isn’t needed for that week, you are still required to pay her. However, if you are planning on taking a spring break trip and you want to give the nanny the option to come with you (at your expense) and do her regular duties during that time, or stay home and have time off, then it is her choice to take the time off or work, so those hours would not be covered by guaranteed hours. Depending on your benefits offered, your nanny may elect to take paid vacation.

Define Your Policy At Time of Hire

It is important to outline all of the details regarding paid holidays, time off, sick days, and inclement weather when you first hire your nanny. Write all of these out clearly in a nanny contract so you can avoid frustration and confusion around guaranteed hours. Not sure where to begin? We can help provide tips on developing a nanny contract, including a downloadable template to get you started. Contact us today for information!

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