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Why We Love Nanny Work Agreements (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 2/2/16 3:47 PM
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Nanny work agreements are an important part of the nanny-employee relationship. As an employer, the nanny work agreement establishes an overall framework for the nanny employment arrangement, as it will establish a professional relationship from the beginning. Here are some key reasons why we love nanny work agreements, and why you should too!

Nanny work agreements help establish a clear outline for the employment arrangement.

Details count, especially when it comes to outlining what you expect your nanny to do as part of her job. Does the position require assisting your kids with homework, cleaning the house, or meal preparation? Will the nanny be expected to transport the children to and from school or take them to doctor’s appointments? The work agreement should include exactly what your requirements are.

Nanny work agreements clearly define compensation and benefits information.

The written work agreement should define what your nanny will be paid, including the amount paid before taxes, the amount of the actual paycheck, and any employment taxes such as social security and income taxes that will be withheld. This area of the work agreement should also include the overtime policy as well as what the pay day schedule is, outlined on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Benefits should also be listed, including paid time off and paid holiday information, specifically listing which days are included and which ones are not. In addition, if you are choosing to offer health care options for your nanny, you will need to have a specific section about this that clearly defines what the options are and what they include.

Nanny work agreements help with conflict resolution.

No one plans to have conflicts arise, but they oftentimes do, no matter how hard you try. Creating a section for a termination clause will help protect both you and your employee by nailing down clear ground rules. If you want to have the option to terminate the nanny at any given time, be sure to include an “at will” clause. You should also include a clause that requires the nanny to give designated notice if she chooses to quit the position.

A well written work agreement looks at the entire working relationship and plans for whatever may come up. If you have never created a nanny work agreement or feel overwhelmed at what needs to be included, our experienced team of household payroll specialists will help walk you through the process and you’ll be assured that all of the required pieces are included.


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