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HWS Core Values

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 10/4/22 11:07 AM

When deciding which companies to give your business to, many things factor into the equation. Services offered, price, and ease of use are generally the top three. You also want to feel good about the services you are receiving, so factors such as the core values and company history can also play a part in your decision. So, who is HomeWork Solutions, and what does our history say about our service?

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Terminations and Resignations: Tips for Parting Ways

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 9/27/22 10:59 AM

Parting ways is never easy. Many positions come to a natural end when there is no longer a need for the employee’s assistance, others end due to a resignation, or end in a for cause termination. Regardless of the reason, when a position ends, it is important to know what to consider, and how to tie up the employment professionally.

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Is Your New Hire an Employee or Independent Contractor

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 9/21/22 9:28 AM

If you have recently hired a nanny or caregiver, it is important to classify their employment legally. Clients often ask whether they can pay their employee as an independent contractor and avoid the hassle of payroll taxes. The simple answer is no. This misclassification is very common, and carries costly risks to both the household employer and to the worker. There are some big differences between an employee and an independent contractor.

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Background Checks and Reference Checking

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 8/9/22 10:45 AM

When hiring an employee to work in your home, conducting background checks and calling references are key parts of the hiring process. Understanding the information that you will get from each can be the difference between a good hire and a bad one.

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Raise And Review Time Is A Good Time To Get On The Books

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 8/2/22 10:45 AM
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Parental Leave for Household Employees

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 7/19/22 11:00 AM

When you find an amazing nanny, who is not only reliable, but aces the job every day, it is easy to lose sight of their life outside of work. Through casual conversation, your nanny may, or may not, have indicated their plans to grow their own family one day.  When that day comes, and your ace lets you know they want to take parental leave, you need to understand parental leave laws, so you can be a great employer to your amazing nanny.

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Dependent Care Child Tax Credit

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 7/12/22 3:36 PM
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The Value of a Nanny Agency

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 7/5/22 11:00 AM

Hiring the right professional nanny for your child is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a parent. It requires trust and research, so you’re assured the person you hire is vetted and qualified. This work is time consuming, and there is great value in working with a reputable and experienced nanny agency to make sure every important detail is seen to.

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Bereavement Leave

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 6/28/22 11:00 AM

If your household employee’s immediate family member – such as a parent or a spouse – passes away, they will need some time to grieve. They will also have personal arrangements and other legal details to take care of. That’s why it is important to have an established bereavement policy in place in your employment agreement, so discussions can be kept brief in difficult times.

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Minimum Wage Increases Coming in July 2022

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 6/21/22 11:00 AM

Governments are recognizing the need to ensure household employees are paid a living wage and slowly phasing in wage increases over a series of years.  Effective July 1, 2022, minimum wage will be increasing in many states and cities across the country.  As longtime advocates for fair and legal pay, we believe this is long overdue!

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