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What To Do If Your Caregiver Quits

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Aug 28, 2018 3:50:00 PM
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What To Do If Your Caregiver Quits

You’ve spent time searching for the right caregiver for your father or son and you’ve become used to having help around the home for your loved one. It appears as if everything is working out well. But then, the caregiver quits. Did something go wrong? You may feel anxiety when you first hear the news that your caregiver is leaving, but there are some practical things you can do that can help alleviate stress and help put you on the track toward finding another person to step in.

Tip #1: Check the work agreement.

If you had a written work agreement with your nanny or in-home senior caregiver, check the contract to review termination procedures. If protocol was not followed, you may need to have a discussion with this person about how to proceed in regard to final paycheck payments or other details relating to her employment with you.

Tip #2: Don’t panic.

Not having help when you need it can cause stress, no doubt! But panicking will not do anybody any good at all. In fact, it could make the situation worse and put undue pressure on the loved one that needs care. Take a deep breath and step back from the situation and figure out what duties are absolutely pressing now. Tackle those things first, then move onto the bigger picture of looking to find a replacement. Temporary nanny services or agency caregivers could be a good stop-gap solution, providing the minimum disruption to your work and family life.

Tip #3: Take inventory on what may have gone wrong.

Look closely at the situation and ask yourself if your employee was overworked, micromanaged, or underpaid. Oftentimes, if a caregiver quits unexpectedly, it’s for good reason. Perhaps there were more duties added to their initially assigned role, or they felt that their good work was not recognized or rewarded. Making your employee feel valued goes a long way, so make sure you identify what, if anything, you need to improve upon as an employer.

Finding a new nanny or senior caregiver is possible if you ask the right questions and do some research. Don't cut corners or ever hire without a professional background screening!

Even though it takes time, finding a new employee who is dedicated and gets along with your family is worth every minute.

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