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Old Fashioned Business in a Modern World

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 3/12/20 4:45 PM
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Why Relationships Matter More Than Metrics

No matter how modern technology continues to change or evolve, one thing will always remain key to staffing agency growth: relationships. Relationships are what makes companies successful and it’s no different when it comes to building a strong staffing agency. If you don’t value client relationships, chances are, your clients will head to another competitor.  Here are some ways to keep personal relationship building front and center so you can bolster your bottom line.

By keeping relationships at the forefront of all business operations, your white glove customer service can truly pay in spades. 


#1: Keep communication clear.

It seems like a no-brainer: without communication, things can go awry. Communicate well and communicate often with your clients. Set expectations up front, and keep your client appraised of where you are in the process. Miscommunication  or differing expectations can translate to frustration and could cause your clients to start looking for an agency that communicates with them clearly and on their level. Make your communication accessible, easy to digest, and simple.

#2: Stay approachable.

Your goal as an agency is to promote your brand and that requires being approachable. Being accessible and straightforward in how you can solve your client's household staffing problems goes a long way in promoting a solid working relationship. Show each client that building a relationship with them is what you find the most important.

#3: Deliver.

It doesn't help your relationship if you set expectations and then fail to deliver. If you tell a family you will have resumes to them by Monday, make sure that happens. Not only do you deliver the resumes, but you make sure the candidates "fit" with the wants and needs of the client that you discovered in your careful intake process. 

#4: Educate.

Your client knows they need a nanny. Do they honestly know what they don't know? Do they know what the typical duties of a nanny are? Do they know how to structure compensation to be fair and legal? Do they know if they need workers' compensation insurance? Do they know that they are required to provide sick leave pay? Do they understand the concept of guaranteed pay?

Your staffing agency is the expert at household staffing - take the time to walk your client through these issues up front.  Develop relationships with strategic partners to strengthen your brand.

(HINT: HWS provides support to our agency partners delivered by real people with the same commitment to white glove service you have. We can train your team or be your strategic partner when educating your clients.)

#5: Cultivate connections.

The best relationships are those that have open, honest feedback with each other. The same goes with agency-client relationships. Solicit feedback. Once you have established rapport and clients understand that working with you gives them a positive experience like no other agency around, they’ll be willing to pay a premium and not think twice about it.

It’s easy to get trapped in the modern business world of websites, advertising and macros. But by focusing only on these things and losing sight of personal relationship building, you could be doing your agency a disservice. By keeping relationships at the forefront of all business operations, your white glove customer service can truly pay in spades. 

"I believe that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."--Zig Ziglar


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