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New York Paid Family Leave Act for Nannies

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 11/22/17 3:42 PM
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NY Paid Family Leave and Nannies.

New York's comprehensive Paid Family Leave Act becomes effective January 1, 2018.

Who is covered?

The NY Paid Family Leave covers all employees of private employers in New York State. This includes nannies, housekeepers and senior caregivers.

How is it Funded?

Employers will purchase Paid Family Leave insurance through the New York State Insurance Fund. This will be bundled with required Workers' Compensation and Disability Insurance. NY employers who already have a Workers' Compensation policy will see this automatically added to the premium.

The NY Paid Family Leave Act allows, but does not require,  private employers to make weekly deductions from the employee's weekly paycheck of up to $1.64 to offest their cost for the insurance.

What is covered by Paid Family Leave?

Paid Family Leave is job protected leave that can be used to care for:

  • Your newborn;
  • Your newly adopted child or foster child;
  • A family member's serious health condition;
  • Family issues surrounding the deployment of a spouse or partner to active military duty.

What are the benefits?

The Paid Family Leave benefits are phased in over three years starting January 2018.

In 2018 eligible employees will receive up to 8 weeks paid family leave at 50% of their average weekly salary, not to exceed 50% of the NY statewide average weekly salary. In 2019 the maximum paid leave increases 10 weeks and in 2021 it both increases to  12 weeks and the benefit for eligible employees increases to 67% of their average weekly salary, not to exceed 67% of the NY statewide average weekly salary.

Additional Details and Resources from NYS

Paid Family Leave for Employees


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