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Managing your nanny…Are you a good boss?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 3/17/20 4:19 PM
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Managing your nanny… Are you a good boss_

You’ve found the perfect nanny for your home and now comes the part of keeping her happy as an employee. If you are new to the scene of household employment, there are some things you should be doing to ensure that you are a good employer. Here are some of the most important items to keep in mind.

#1: Communication is everything.

Any relationship requires open communication. From the initial point of hiring, set the tone for how communication will go. Be open to any questions your nanny has and be patient. Have a written agreement in place that outlines all the job details so there is no confusion later down the road. After she has been working in your home for a while, check in with her on how she’s feeling about things and make sure you give her the opportunity to talk about any concerns she has. Make a point to check in with her periodically after that and assure her that you are available to hear what she has to say. If she feels respected, this will help trust grow and a solid working relationship between you and her will begin to form.

#2: Avoid micromanaging.

No one likes the feeling of being controlled. Be careful not to micromanage her, but instead communicate about what expectations you have. If she isn’t meeting those expectations, talk to her about that and give her the opportunity to make some adjustments. But no matter what, don’t nitpick, as this can be hurtful and make her feel disrespected.

#3: Be on time.

It is important to be on time when it comes to getting home from work to relieve her of her nanny duties. If you are consistently late, she may get the impression that you don’t value her time, and this could cause resentment or frustration. If you do end up being late, communicate with her to let her know so she isn’t caught off guard.

#4: Pay her correctly.

Paying on time is important, but also make sure you are paying her with the proper tax withholding and proper overtime calculated in. 38 states require that you provide a pay stub with each paycheck.

Your nanny is not an independent contractor and should not be treated as such. She should be given a W2 form each year for tax and wage reporting and as an employer, you are required to pay for social security, federal unemployment and Medicare taxes. Failure to properly withhold these taxes could mean you’re subject to fines or penalties.

Most of all, treat your nanny well. Occasionally, you can surprise her with a day off or a little extra on her paycheck to treat herself to something special. Treat her in a way that builds camaraderie and mutual respect. And, if you want to alleviate the stress of pay day calculations and record keeping, our experienced team at HomeWork Solutions can help answer your questions and manage everything for you. Contact us today to get started.

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