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Formally Evaluating your Nanny's or Senior Caregiver's Performance

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 8/15/16 8:00 AM
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Performance_Review.jpgWhen it comes to performance reviews, employers are looking for efficient and effective strategies that allow for two-way conversation, feedback, and the ability to set goals while raising morale. Traditional performance reviews have a history of being unhelpful which in turn can lower employee morale, forcing employers to readjust how they review their employee’s performance. If you’re looking for ways to formally evaluate your senior caregiver or your nanny, here are some new strategies that can improve communication and bolster your employee’s confidence and productivity at the same time.

Strategy idea #1: Ask for your employee’s input regularly instead of annually.

A new approach that some employers are using is asking employees the same set of questions every month rather than saving a full review for just once a year. Monthly meetings may appear to be a burden at first, but if they are short and allow you to get quick feedback while providing the opportunity for your employee to engage with you directly. Having a monthly check-in makes the process lightweight and less formal, which creates an environment that your employee will feel more comfortable to share what their feelings are and dialogue with you. Questions you could ask include:

  • What have your successes been this month?
  • What have your challenges been this month?
  • Do you have ideas that could help you improve your job?

Strategy idea #2: Separate compensation and performance evaluation discussions.

The idea of linking compensation and raises to employee performance has been a longstanding practice in companies both large and small. Rather than linking bonuses or other compensation decisions on performance reviews, instead start thinking about compensation decisions based on the overall skillset that the employee has, what the value is to your family as a nanny or senior caregiver, and what the cost would be to replace them and start completely over.

Strategy idea #3: Encourage your employees.

Encouragement can go a long way – especially in the workplace. By working to inspire and build up your employees, you cultivate an atmosphere that makes them feel like valued contributors rather than employees that have no say in anything. This will allow you to look forward and create goals together that can benefit your working relationship.

Traditional performance assessments are not always all bad, but there are new and improved ideas that can better help employees to do their best rather than look behind at the year at everything they missed the mark on. Creating an ongoing dialogue with your nanny or senior caregiver is a wonderful way to create a mutual and ongoing trust and respect for each other.

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