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Avoid Employment Discrimination Claims

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 5/16/19 10:00 AM
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We don’t see discrimination claims too often in the household employment world but staffing agencies and CPA firms are more vulnerable. In 2018 there were 76,418 claims made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with a price tag of $505m to employers. Here are some tips to help keep your name off that list.

Create (and use) a Strong Policy

Any policy will need to be tailored to your business so it is best to consult an employment lawyer or HR adviser. That said, there are a few basics to think about:

  • Pay attention to settlements and regulatory guidance to ensure your policy is up-to-date,
  • Have internal requirements for hiring managers to keep up with the laws,
  • Have employees regularly sign off on the policy (an annual review could be a good time),
  • Make sure the policy applies to everyone equally,
  • Use corporate culture to help foster inclusion and respect among employees,
  • Do your best to use neutral criteria when hiring to help avoid potential bias, and
  • Always encourage open communication; it helps in so many different ways.

Think Through Hiring and Promoting Decisions

Most of the time claims happen after bumpy terminations, but hiring and promoting practices can get you in trouble too:

  • Think through job postings to ensure nothing listed could shrink the diversity of your prospect pool.
  • Have multiple people (if possible) read a post before it is published, this self-check can help catch little details.
  • Create objective qualifications based off the duties and functions of the position.
  • Make sure current employees know about promotional opportunities and/or new roles so they have a chance to apply if they wish.

Win Win Situation

All organizations want dependable, smart, and collaborative employees. Avoid employment discrimination claims by making sure you are keeping your options open regarding diversity in your workforce. You are the one to ensure a vibrant corporate culture.

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