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Good nannies are a gift to families

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on 5/23/17 5:04 PM
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As a parent, keeping your children safe and happy is very important.  You also want to build a strong relationship with them and discipline them in ways that teach them respect and appreciation for others, as well as themselves. The same goes with the nanny you hire. A good nanny does more than show up on time and keep the child safe: she is united with you in your parenting and works to cultivate a strong relationship with your child.

The Nanny : Parent Relationship:

Building a loving relationship with your child that’s founded on support, proper discipline, and respect, is key to helping them grow into healthy and well-adjusted teenagers and adults. Our relationships with our children sets the example of what other relationships they will look for in life, so when you hire a nanny, find someone that is as interested in creating a strong relationship with your child as you are. Tell your nanny that you want them to spend quality time together doing activities that the child is interested in so she can engage and enter into their world a little more. Make sure your nanny is a good listener and is trustworthy, so your child feels safe to express his/her feelings. A good nanny will also be one that encourages and respects your child and shows compassion and empathy. In addition, your nanny should be aware of your discipline techniques and follow those as much as possible, so the child can get consistent constructive guidance and discipline if needed from both of you.

The Nanny : Parent Partnership:

Whether you recognize it or not, your children are watching the way you interact with your nanny and they will soon recognize if you do not communicate well together or if you do things totally different than one another. To build a strong and positive environment both for the nanny and your child, communicate regularly with one another. By hiring a nanny to take care of your child while you are out, you are agreeing to share leadership roles for a certain amount of time. This means that you will be united. Discuss schedules in detail,  rules of the house, discipline tactics, and other important information that relates to how she should work with your child in your absence.

Good nannies are a gift to families of all kinds. Finding one won’t be hard if you ask the right questions and communicate clearly and on a consistent basis with one another.


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