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How to Avoid Having a Nanny Overstep Boundaries

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Apr 18, 2017 5:03:00 PM

Once you find the perfect nanny for your family, it is important to put to use some strategies that can help establish boundaries and keep your family happy and protected. Even the most well-meaning nannies can unintentionally overstep boundaries, so make sure you set the ground rules early on. Here’s how:

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Is a summer nanny a good choice?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Apr 11, 2017 4:51:00 PM

Summer is a wonderful time of year that your kids are probably really looking forward to. There’s nothing like a little fun and relaxation during the warm summer months, but for you, it could be the opposite. Your schedule likely doesn’t slow down once summer rolls around and it may even be causing you some anxiety thinking about trying to scramble to find reliable childcare while you’re at work. Day camps, relying on friends and family to serve as babysitters, and taking vacation time will only go so far. The short term solution: hiring a summer nanny. Your kids will be happy to have someone to hang out with and you’ll have a stress free summer season because you won’t have to figure out childcare on a week by week basis. Here are some other perks of hiring a summer nanny.

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How to Manage a Caregiver Relationship

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Apr 4, 2017 4:54:00 PM

Finding the right caregiver for your family can take time. Once you’ve found the perfect person for your family, now comes to the work of maintaining a great working relationship. Here are some helpful tips on how to manage a caregiver relationship.

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Can Nanny Training be a Strategic Advantage in the Job Market?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Mar 30, 2017 4:59:00 PM

The nannying career is one that’s highly rewarding. To make yourself successful as a nanny, undergoing training and committing to be a continual learner is key. A good nanny is truly invaluable. More and more people have recognized the advantages of being a nanny, which makes the competition a bit steeper. If you’re considering a career as a nanny, it’s a great idea to equip yourself with as much training as possible. Not only will it make your resume look more desirable and open doors for higher salaries, but it will give you the skills you need to be a great nanny for as long as you choose to work as one.

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What President Trump’s Leaked Tax Return Tells About Nanny Taxes

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Mar 22, 2017 1:10:02 PM

The recent release of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return has been getting a lot of attention. Everyone is looking at the larger numbers, but we’ve noticed what’s not on the return. Look at line 62 on page 2 of the 1040. This is where the Schedule H information would be seen if President Trump had paid household employment taxes (the so called “nanny taxes”) with his personal tax return. This number would show the amount of tax he paid on the salaries of his household staff. With a household staff as large as his, one would expect that number to be substantial.

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Legal Must-Knows Before Hiring a Household Employee

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Mar 21, 2017 4:57:00 PM

Considering hiring a caregiver, nanny, or other in-home employee? You may think it’s more convenient to pay them under the table, but in fact, this could be a very costly decision if you end up getting caught. There are some important legal must-knows before hiring a household employee and here, we will go over what those are.

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Topics: domestic employer legal responsibilities

My nanny doesn’t want me to pay taxes – should I care?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Mar 14, 2017 5:32:00 PM

You’ve found a nanny to care for your children and now comes the conversation of payment and taxes. If your nanny doesn’t want you to report her wages or pay taxes, how should you respond? It may be convenient to pay your nanny under the table, but not only is this illegal, it could be very costly if you end up getting caught. Failure to pay nanny taxes could result in hefty penalties and fines, often in the thousands of dollars range.

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Topics: nanny tax, household payroll tax

I never got around to paying my 2016 Nanny taxes – is it too late?

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Mar 7, 2017 5:12:00 PM

Employers are faced with a variety of tasks and deadlines and sometimes staying on top of activities and dates can be difficult. Did you neglect to report and pay your nanny taxes in 2016? There’s good news: it’s not too late. Here are some important must-knows.

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Nannying with a Work At Home Parent (Part 2)

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Feb 28, 2017 4:45:00 PM

Now that there have been boundaries and ground rules established, the nanny and the work at home parent will need to talk about how to handle conflict/discipline as well as work on a schedule/routine that can be followed on a daily basis.

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Topics: nanny job satisfaction

Nannying with a Work At Home Parent (Part 1)

Posted by HomeWork Solutions on Feb 21, 2017 4:45:00 PM

Many companies are now allowing their employees to work remotely, which means they can work from home rather than heading into the office for a traditional work day. Telework for a parent has many benefits, but it can also prove challenging if you’re looking for nanny services.

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