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How To Write Exceptional Nanny Job Descriptions: Tips and Examples

Posted by Freddie Tubbs on Aug 30, 2018 10:00:00 AM

This is a community post provided by Freddie Tubbs. From time-to-time we like to share other points of view on popular topics here on our blog. This is one way we keep our content fresh! The opinions and advice below are solely those of the author, not HWS. 

A good nanny job description should contain many things. After all, that's not a simple job – you need to hire someone to take care of your children when you are not around and most parents feel like no one can do it better than them. This is what makes the nanny finding process much harder.

However, most nannies are trained or experienced professionals that know what they are doing. But how do you find the right one? Easy, start with a good job description.

These are easy to write but families sometimes make mistakes. This is what this post is for – to offer a comprehensive guide to nanny job description writing and help you hire someone you really like.

  1. Write a summary

A summary should offer a short overview of what you are looking for. Potential candidates should know from this summary if they are a good fit for you or not. It should include:

  • Expectations
  • Duties
  • Overview of your family
  • Any specifics

So, for instance, if you need a nanny to drive your children around, you should mention that in your summary so that the nannies who don't drive know not to spend more time reading your ad.

Example: Our family is looking for an experienced full-time nanny for our child aged 3. The position is Monday-Saturday from 7am – 5pm. The candidate will be required to cook simple meals, play and read to our child.

  1. Be clear on the responsibilities

Your job ad should be as clear as possible and this includes the responsibilities. The nanny should have a clear picture of what the job is going to be like. It should be detailed and describe the daily schedule.


- Wake our daughter up, make sure she does morning routine and cook breakfast for her by 9am.

- Take her to nearby playground, play until noon. Make sure she is safe and well dressed.

- Afternoon sleep for an hour.

- Make a light snack in the afternoon. No sweets or junk food allowed. Allergic to peanuts.

- Play until 5pm. No TV or screen time. She likes puzzles, dolls and tea parties.

- Light cleaning after activities is appreciated but not required. Learning activities also appreciated but not a requirement.

  1. Talk about availability

It's important that you mention how often you'll need the nanny. This is mostly covered in your summary but you should elaborate in the description. Along with set time, mention whether you'll need help on the weekends or not or will help be necessary in the evening hours sometimes. If you are looking for a long-term nanny, mention your vacation times.


Your services will be required Monday-Saturday from 7am-5pm. Occasionally, we'll ask for your help in the evening but we'll discuss this once you start working. We won't require you to work on holidays although we might ask you to come with us on our summer vacation but that is another thing we'll discuss as we go.

  1. Format and edit

Clarity and accuracy are important and that's why you should consider formatting and proofreading for maximum efficiency. Here are some tools that can help you:

 - Stateofwriting – Formatting isn't difficult if you know exactly what to do to improve your job description. These formatting guides can help you. 

- Citeitin – Repetitiveness is sometimes good but a job description should be clear and specific. Use this editing guide to remove them.

- Resumention and Boomessays – Typos happen all the time but in some cases they can cause your job description to be unclear. Use these tools for proofreading and editing.

- Grammarix – If you need grammar tips or a grammar checker to do this job for you, using this tool is your best choice. 

- Easywordcount – Headlines and subheadings are important as they make your description attractive and easy to scan (as mentioned at Revieweal).

  1. State your requirements

You should be clear about what you need in a nanny. For instance, you might want your nanny to have at least five years of experience or you want her to have a martial arts certificate – say it clearly. This will help further narrow down the number of potential candidates and the more specific you are the more likely you are to find a candidate that you really like.


  • Certificate in child first aid and CPR
  • Martial arts certificate
  • Driver's license
  • Five + years of experience
  • Understanding of child psychology and stages of development
  • College preferred
  • High School diploma required
  1. Include a wage

This is not necessary but it is desirable since ads with wage ranges get 5 times the exposure and response. “This is understandable because nannies would like to know what their pay would be before they get involved with a family. Be aware that the average wage for a live in nanny is $11-16 and for a live-out nanny it's $12-18”, - explains Carrie Simmon, a Recruiting Manager.

You have to be aware that overtime is paid 1.5 times the average rate and once you start paying a higher wage, the overtime wage should increase too.


Your wage will start at $12 an hour. If lessons provided the wage will be $14 an hour. After the first month you'll receive $15 an hour. Money for the gasoline if driving required will be provided additionally, food money as well. For any over-time, you'll be paid $18 an hour and if care needed during the evening hours, you'll be paid $18 as well. Overtime pay will change as you earn more.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect nanny isn't easy. However with the right job description that is specific and clear, you'll be able to get the best help for your family. Follow these tips to stand out on the job platforms and attract the right kind of attention.

Freddie TubbsFreddie Tubbs has been working as a recruiting consultant for already 7 years, dealing with clients from different niches particularly housekeeping and babysitting. At present time he works as a recruiting manager at Paper fellows. He regularly takes part in online recruiting conferences and contributes articles to the Vault, Essayroo and Ukwritings blogs.

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