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National Nanny Recognition Week - From HomeWork Solutions

Posted by Vanessa Vidal, FPC on 9/24/13 3:12 PM

The Nanny Community is formed by a hard working, hands on team of professionals.  I am so fortunate to network with nannies across the country, and regularly attend nanny educational forums.  I am amazed by the commitment, continuous learning, effort and passion of these women, dedicated to the wellbeing of our children and to make this world a better one! 

National Nanny Recognition Week

September 23 to 27 is Nanny Recognition Week worldwide.  This is a special week employers, children, colleagues and others have to celebrate the nanny in their lives.   This week, make sure any nanny you know, knows you recognize and are thankful for her dedication and professionalism.  This is a week of celebration and joy for the families, children, nannies and all of us somehow involved in the nanny community…


As a Nanny Payroll and Tax Company, we interact with nannies and their employers all the time.  We witness how life changing a nanny job can be for our children and their families.   

Take some time out of your busy schedule to say “Thank you” and to show your nanny how much you appreciate her work and dedication to your family. 

We have some ideas for you; but you know your nanny, give her something she will enjoy and appreciate.  And most importantly, get your children involved!

Ways to appreciate your Nanny:

Red CheckSay Thank You, Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Salamat, Danke, ...  I am sure a handmade note of appreciation in her native language with a picture of her and your children will make her smile

Red Check Send her home one day this week … and make it a “paid” day

Red Check Take her for lunch or dinner out

Red Check Get your kids involved, baking some goodies for her or selecting a gift card for her favorite store. Get creative with your children and get a special something for her … it will be special for your nanny and a lesson of gratitude for your kids!

Red CheckYou could find more ideas on the Regarding Nannies blog

Nannies not only work in your home, they’ve earned a special place in your children’s hearts.  Take this opportunity to make her feel special and appreciated.

Nannies - This is an opportunity for you to celebrate yourself as well.  Plan something exciting, fun or memorable for you and your charges. Take them out for a movie, ice cream, anything fun?  Celebrate this week; make it memorable for you and your nanny family … just CeLeBrAtE!! 

HomeWork Solutions proudly supports the Nanny Community through Nannypalooza, INA and more.                                                               

Vanessa Vidal, FPC
HomeWork Solutions, Inc.

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