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Nanny Payroll Firm Celebrates National Payroll Week

Posted by Vanessa Vidal, FPC on 9/3/13 6:00 PM

Office WomanPayroll, by definition, is the sum of wages, bonuses and deductions paid to an employee for a job performed in a period of time.   Payroll is one of the most time sensitive and crucial areas in a household employer’s relationship with their household staff for a variety of reasons:

  • Good recordkeeping is necessary to insure payment for all hours worked.
  • Accuracy is required to properly compute gross pay.
  • Payroll deductions can be complicated, and are calculated using specific tables for each individual employee.
  • Deadlines are tight and final.  Every household employee needs to be paid accurately and on time.

This week we recognize HomeWork Solutions’ dedicated Payroll Professionals who make sure your paychecks are prepared accurately and on time!

We are proud to be the premier household payroll service in America.  Our dedicated team of payroll professionals are committed every week to providing outstanding client service.  For over 20 years families nationwide have trusted HomeWork Solutions to handle their nanny payroll and tax compliance.

Our journey began in 1993, recognizing the need for a service to take this complicated and time consuming task out of the family’s hands, so they could have time for their families, their own jobs and their lives …

20 years later we are so proud that accountants nationwide, as well as household staffing professional and nanny referral agencies refer their clients to HomeWork Solutions, trusting that their clients will be in good hands. We are even more gratified when we are referred by our own clients, clients who regularly experience first hand our excellence in client care and the accuracy of our work. 

We celebrate the hard work and dedication of our staff members this week, and are grateful to the tens of thousands of families who have allowed HomeWork Solutions to help with their “nanny tax” compliance over the last 20 years.

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Thank you for your patronage … we are honored to serve you!
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