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Prevailing Wage for Household Employees with a G-5 Visa Increases

Posted by Kathy Webb on 7/16/13 5:44 PM

CheckThe minimum hourly wage that applies to a G-5 or A-3 domestic service worker increased effective July 1, 2013. G-5 and A-3 domestics are personal attendants who are citizens of a foreign country admitted to the United States to perform domestic service functions for other foreign nationals who are working in the US on diplomatic visas. The minimum hourly wage these domestic workers can be paid is set by metropolitan area using payroll data compiled by the US Department of Labor and is known as the prevailing wage.

The prevailing wage for July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 for the Washington DC metropolitan area is $8.98 per hour. All new employment contracts must reflect an hourly wage at or above this level. Current employment contracts must be updated. The organization employing the sponsoring employer will establish the required contract modification date.

The prevailing wage for G-5 or A-3 domestics in other metropolitan areas for 2014 is as follows:

  • Boston, MA $10.88
  • Miami, FL $8.45
  • New York, NY $10.32
  • San Francisco, CA $11.13




Source: Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLCDataCenter.org)

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