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Nannies, Are You Saving for Tomorrow? Let us help!

Posted by Vanessa Vidal, FPC on 6/4/13 6:30 PM

A majority of American wage earners live paycheck to paycheck.  We start dividing our take home pay between mortgage or rent, water, phone, electric, internet, XYZ bills, and those little cravings such as Starbucks, the movies or that new outfit at the mall as soon as we receive our pay.  Before you know it, our salary is gone and we wait anxiously for the next pay day.  While we know our current earnings are not guaranteed to keep coming in forever, neither in the frequency or amount, we fail to make provisions for that ‘rainy day.’ American’s on average save only 2.7 cents from every dollar we earn! 

Household employees, including nannies, follow this familiar pattern all the time. Scary, right?  Nanny and other caregiving jobs are temporary in most situations.  The child will grow up and the nanny is no longer needed.  This is the nature of the nanny’s business, with some exceptions, of course.

HomeWork Solutions is aware of this and willing to help … Did you know that we offer split direct deposits absolutely free?  Is your payroll processed by our company?  Let us help you help yourself!   You simply need to call our office at 800.626.4829 and ask us for a Direct Deposit Form and update your direct deposit records.  It is an easy steMoney growp and the benefit is huge! 

You can take a fixed amount of your payroll every pay day and deposit it into your savings account or your retirement account - even directly into your IRA!  We want to help you to see your money grow and be prepared for a rainy day.

Watch your nest egg grow - and suddenly you have an emergency fund, a vacation fund, or retirement savings!  Pick an amount you can live with - it can be as little as $10 a week.  The important thing is to start right now!

I have just set up my split direct deposit.  Will you?  What do you want to save for?


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