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Travelling with your Nanny - Nanny Payroll Implications

Posted by Vanessa Vidal, FPC on 6/17/13 6:47 PM

Travel With NannyGoing on vacation?  Visiting the family?  If you are ready to hit the road with your child and you are taking you nanny with you, allow us to share these helpful tips to avoid any misunderstanding, uncomfortable situations and make your trip a complete success!

  • If you are travelling internationally, please make sure your nanny has plenty of time to get/renew her passport and any needed documentation to make the trip with your family.  If she needs any vaccinations to enter the country, you need to let her know … it is your job to do the research for your nanny.
  • Plan your nanny’s travel duties ahead of time and most importantly – share them with her.  Knowing her responsibilities in advance will make your nanny aware of your expectations of her performance during this temporary new routine and will avoid frustration between both parties when your expectations are not met.
  • Nannies are hourly employees and your nanny typically doesn't work around the clock.  Keeping track of on-duty work time is important. If you are travelling for a long time, make sure nanny gets some “down time."  Your nanny will appreciate her down time and will be refreshed and enthusiastic when on duty! She should have at least one full day free in a 7 day work week. Also, if she is expected to be on duty during the flight, road trip or any kind of transportation let her know ahead of time, and don't forget to compensate for those hours.
  • If she is expected to go out with the family for any special occasion, let her know your plans so she can pack accordingly.
  • On a trip and always – make sure you communicate with your nanny.  Nannies know your children pretty well, after all, they spend most of their days together.  Nannies are the first “to go source” on any matter regarding your child.  Nannies are often quick notice any behavioral or attitude change in the little ones.

  • Inform yourself about nanny payroll and nanny taxes for these extra hours. Also remember that while she is traveling with the family, you are responsible for her meals, lodging and transportation expenses. If she is accompanying children to venues with entrance fee these too are your responsiblity.

After all these checks … you are ready to go and enjoy your tip with your nanny!  Bon Voyage!

Families, nannies, what has been your biggest challenge when traveling together?

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