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6 Tips for Vacation Travel with Your Nanny

Posted by Kathy Webb on 5/8/13 4:41 PM

Whether it be the vacation rental at the beach, a resort vacation, a trip or a cruise, many families find vacation more restful and enjoyable when they agree to taking a nanny on vacation with them to help.



























Traveling with your nanny can be expensive, and there are some "rules for the road" to be considered when evaluating this option:

  1. Nanny travel expenses are the family's responsibilities, including meals during the holiday. If you will not be eating together as a family, a reasonable daily meal stipend should be arranged.
  2. Nanny is working and her hours and duties should be planned and discussed prior to making arrangements. Clear communication and expectations are a must. Often parents and the nanny are working side by side, and this is a big consideration. Chances are your nanny is accustomed to considerable authority and autonomy when working with your children and this is a big adjustment for all parties.
  3. Payday should not be interrupted, and if you are using nanny for additional hours or days they must be compensated.
  4. Privacy should be arranged - nanny should have her own room to go to when not working.
  5. Time off should be arranged, and scheduled, in the trip planning phase. Your nanny should have some time to herself to explore the area without the children.
  6. Recognition is important - your nanny may be spending a week or more in a gorgeous locale, but she is still working and away from her own home. Chances are her work schedule has been flexed to allow the parents time alone, and children find it hard to keep to their schedules when away from home. This shouldn't be a financial sacrifice for her - if she has to arrange pet care of her own, for example, it would be considerate to cover this. And of course "Thank you!" goes a long way.

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