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State & Local Rules Apply to Nannies

Posted by Kathy Webb on 10/2/12 5:05 PM

Did you know that New York State requires that employers provide three paid days personal time per year to a nanny or housekeeper after one year of employment?

Did you know that live out housekeepers in California are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked over eight in a day?

Did you know that nannies and other household workers in Montgomery County, MD must be provided a written contract by their employer?

Did you know that employers in New York and California are required to provide employees with pay rate notices, and that these must specify an hourly rate of pay?

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San Francisco nannies earn paid sick leave, up to 40 hours per year, accrued at the rate of one hour of leave for every 30 hours of work. The city has a formal grievance process for employees denied accrued paid sick leave.

Maryland household employers must tell the state if they are offering the nanny paid health insurance benefits at the time of new hire reporting.

nanny payroll compliance issuesStates and localities are increasingly imposing compliance obligations on household employers and keeping up can be a challenge. HomeWork Solutions' trained professionals are available to help. We offer free telephone consultations - call us with your questions before you hire!



Other Resources:

California Pay Rate Notice (PDF)
New York Pay Rate Notice (PDF)
Montgomery County MD Household Employers FAQ

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