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SPARK Award for Excellence in Nanny Care Announced

Posted by Kathy Webb on 9/4/12 5:12 PM

NannyBizReviews announced the SPARK Awards to recognize nannies who demonstrate excellence in nanny care. Winners will be announced in conjunctions with National Nanny Training Day in April 2013. HomeWork Solutions is a national sponsor of National Nanny Training Day.

National Nanny Training Day 2013From Lora Brawley, NannyBixReviews founder, "Last year while working on National Nanny Training Day, I was struck by how many amazing people we have in our industry and how little recognition they receive. I feel so lucky to work in a field where I’m surrounded by nannies who give their all to the kids they love and care for each and every day. Who personify lofty ideas like passion, commitment, creativity, life-long learning, devotion, professionalism and service. Who teach, support, play, encourage, hug, soothe, laugh, explore and love for a living. I think those nannies deserve recognition and appreciation (along with some great gifts!) so I’ve created the SPARK Award for Excellence in Nanny Care. Along with honoring the dedication and hard-work of nannies, the SPARK Award celebrates the diversity found in today’s nanny workforce and showcases what quality nanny care looks like in the real world."

Do you know a deserving nanny you would like to nominate? Learn more...

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