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Nanny Cam: Bring it up during the nanny job interview!

Posted by Vanessa Vidal, FPC on 7/17/12 6:06 PM

Author: Vanessa Vidal

Nanny Cam Discussion

What is my little one doing while I am out?  Is our nanny providing responsive care when we are not there? When can this perfectly natural, innocent concern go too far?

I am sure this is a question all parents face when they go back to work while their child stays home with the nanny, especially when he is too young to talk.   Sometimes this concern is not satisfied even with the growing trust the nanny builds through daily interaction with the charge and his family.

There is a fine line between monitoring if your little one is treated the way you expect AND trespassing on your nanny’s privacy by recording every minute she is on duty!

Although as a mom I understand this concern and the anxiety of wanting to know all about your child, as a human being, I also understand the right to privacy and the need to feel trusted.  I have found that informing the nanny about you intention to use a nanny cam at the time of the nanny job interview is the only way to  satisfy your need to be part of your child's day while you are at work and avoid the hurt feelings that can occur when/if nanny finds out later that she was secretly being taped. 

Be honest!  Tell your nanny you are recording her sometimes.  Tell her how important it is for you to be able to monitor her time with your child, and also be able to see those moments you are missing because you have to work away from home.  Make sure she understands this is not a trust issue; it gives you peace of mind during this hard time when you have to be away from your child.

It is unethical not to tell your nanny she is being watched and recorded.  Sometimes when nannies are dealing with little kids, accidents happened.  The baby could spill the milk on the nanny’s shirt, and she could just change in the middle of the living room, thinking she is with her charge only.  Could you imagine her level of upset and embarrassment when she finds out you had this moment on tape!

Trust between the nanny and the family is the key for a smooth and long lasting relationship.  Nannies that you welcome in your home become part of the family; don’t let something like this ruin your relationship with her!

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