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National Nanny Training Day - Why Your Nanny Should Attend

Posted by Kathy Webb on 3/19/12 7:05 AM

Reprinted with permission from First Class Care, Inc., a nationally recognized nanny referral agency in Chicago, IL, and a host of the Chicago-area National Nanny Training Day event. HomeWork Solutions is proud to support this event.


First Class Care Nanny AgencyNational Nanny Training Day is an initiative created by Nanny Biz Reviews to promote awareness of the important connection between nanny training and quality of care. On Saturday, April 28th over 1,000 nannies in more than 30 cities across the country will gather in their local communities at training events designed to meet their unique needs. First Class Care, Inc.  is proud to be the local sponsor for the Chicago event. We’re planning a full day of hot topics, top presenters and great networking, all in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Please consider covering the cost of this event for your nanny. It’s only $49 for 6 sessions, lunch, raffle prizes and a great goodie bag. It’s a small investment with a big payoff. Study after study shows that nannies who receive training consistently provide higher quality care.

(NOTE: For a complete listing of events planned nationally, see NannyBizReviews.com)

# 10: Your nanny has cared for older kids, but now that you are having a baby she’ll need additional tips to care for your newborn.

# 9: The event will offer “learn today, use tomorrow” sessions that will give your nanny new strategies and solutions to challenging behaviors and ages and stages transitions.

# 8: Your nanny is new to the area and this is the perfect way for her to meet other nannies, make friends and even set up play dates.

# 7: It will help keep her excited about her job. Connecting with other like-minded caregivers, learning new ways of doing things, being appreciated for the great work she does all lead to a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment.

# 6: Where else can you find such a variety of professional training in one day for such a great price?

# 5: Your nanny will learn about the latest research, explore new approaches and techniques, and develop new caregiving skills: things that will make her a more confident and successful caregiver.

# 4: No matter how many years of experience she has your nanny can always learn something new.

# 3: You understand—and respect—your nanny’s need to freshen up on skills and continue her education.

# 2: Everyone benefits from continuing education.

# 1: You value your nanny and want her to be the best she can be.


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