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HWS Supporting Excellence in Nanny Caregiving

Posted by Kathleen Webb on 1/1/14 9:53 AM

International Nanny Association Annual ConferenceHomeWork Solutions' clients who hire a nanny to provide childcare do so knowing that they have chosen the most expensive form of childcare. For most, this involves some sacrifices, cutting back expenses in other areas of the household. Hiring a nanny, however, provides the family much needed flexibility in scheduling, and allows the children to stay in their home every day receiving the close personal caregiving of the family's nanny.

In all other childcare settings - childcare centers, pre-schools and primary schools - the caregivers have opportunities for continued professional development via conferences, in-service education and even peer mentoring. A nanny, on the other hand, has to search out these opportunities. Once found, nannies often realize that paying for quality continuing education is outside their budgets.

National Nanny Training DayHomeWork Solutions is passionate about helping make quality professional development opportunities available to nannies nationwide. We provide significant annual financial support to some of the best programs in the nation, including:

NannypaloozaParents, do you financially support your nanny's attendance at early childhood training and professional development events? Do you help pay the conference fees? Do you give your nanny an extra paid day off? Most training opportunities encompass weekends, which the nanny gladly sacrifices for the opportunity to learn and grow in their chosen profession.

Now, as we turn a page and enter a new year, is the perfect opportunity for families to re-evaluate their investment in quality care for their children and consider supporting your nanny to attend opportunities such as those outlined above. The costs are modest, and the benefits are priceless.

Do you want to learn more about any of the opportunities outlined above? Give me a call, I am happy to discuss this with you.

Warmest regards and best wishes for happiness and prosperity in 2014!

Kathy Webb

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