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Nanny Taxes Have You Stuck In Fear?

Posted by Mary Crowe, FPC on 1/16/14 7:56 AM

Don’t be stuck in fear ! We are here to help you! 

I have told many of our clients that they are not the first person that we have helped when they were behind on their nanny taxes. I tell them that because it’s true!

I have learned that taxes, dental work and bad news do not get better with time. So taking care of the nanny taxes right the first time is the best practice! And really, once its done, its done and you are back on track.

Another Client Care Story

I recently helped Mrs. Alice Phillips of Virginia who started using our services in January when she hired a senior caregiver to be with her aging father during the day. Mrs. Phillips chose to issue her own payroll and engaged HWS to prepare necessary tax documents. Mrs. Phillips faithfully and correctly reported her payroll details to us when we asked her. We created her quarterly tax documents and mailed them to her to pay. But she is a busy wife, mother of a teenager, working professional and a daughter. Alice had good intentions and meant to pay her taxes but life got in the way and she never had time or the energy to even open the packages we sent to her.

She called in to ask about a notice she received from the state of Virginia and didn’t know where to start. Virginia was about to place a lien on her home unless the taxes were paid in the next 10 days. Alice was almost in tears when I explained that this is what it meant. I told her (you guessed it!) "You are not the first person that we have helped who has found themselves in this situation." I could hear the relief on the other end of the line.

I explained that we have another service option and that we could make the tax payments for on her behalf. She confided "I really wanted to be able to do this myself but clearly I do need you to do that part for me too."

Simplify the Nanny TaxIt's All Fixable!

I upgraded her account, we have now filed and paid the 3 quarters of taxes for her (no tax lien!) and she is back on track for the 4th quarter too! Best of all, filing nanny taxes is one less thing that Alice has on her list of things to do!

It’s because of clients like Alice, that I love my job. She was avoiding something because she didn’t have time to do it herself. Maybe she was intimidated by the idea of the tax returns? Everything is fixable! We offer several services to best fit your life and your needs and when your needs change, you can always change the services to keep you on track. We are here to help. As the manager of the Client Care team, I promise you we will do all we can to simplify this area of your busy life! 

Our new video will explain our services; or request a consultation with one of our nanny tax experts.


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