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Guide to Privately Hiring Senior Home Care

Privately hiring senior home care empowers you to handpick caregivers and customize care for your loved ones' unique needs. However, this exceptional level of control and personalization demands navigating a labyrinth of legal, tax, and administrative obligations. Don't sacrifice peace of mind for personalized care - entrust the complex logistics to the experts.

Know the landscape before you embark. This guide outlines in detail the 10 most critical elements and requirements to independently hiring home care for your loved ones.

Included in this guide:
  • Is the caregiver my employee or an independent contractor?
  • Do I need to pay payroll taxes? What about Social Security? Unemployment?
  • What taxes does my caregiver need to pay?
  • Do I need to pay overtime?
  • What records do I need to keep? 
  • What's a companionship exemption?

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